Green Burials & Woodland Burials Peterlee

Whilst most funeral services take place in a crematorium or religious building. An increasing number of people are looking for alternative options. 

In recent years we have seen the popularity of green burials and woodland burials grow with the number of woodland burial sites also increasing. 

For some families laying their loved one to rest amongst trees and wildflowers in woodlands is making them an alternative way to say goodbye to their loved one. 

What are woodland burials?

Woodland burials otherwise known as green funerals are an environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional burial or cremation. Generally these areas are set in countryside within acres of woodland. Most of these sites offer either a burial plot or for the scattering of ashes. 

This natural style funeral helps to minimise the environmental impact. Biogradable coffins are used and the burial site itself is created to help preserve the existing woodland and species which reside there. In other cases we have seen some burial sites use meadows or orchards.

Memorials at woodlands burial sites

The idea behind woodland burial sites is to keep them as natural as possible. Therefore graves are marked with more natural memorials for example trees or plants. A few of the sites now allow memorials which are made using natural materials such as wood.

Woodland burial services

Most of the woodland burial sites do accommodate your wishes. There is no need to have hymns and a religious ceremony however it could be possible if you wanted one. Your ceremony could be carried out in a way which suits you, perhaps having more a  sharing those special moments with family and friends. Some of the sites offer use of a building where you can have a service if required, some have areas for outdoor wakes generally using large yurts or gazebos. 

Eco-friendly burials

If your loved one was very much an eco-friendly person prior to them passing away, you may want to consider this type of funeral for them. 

Eco-friendly burials are very much like a green burial, however there is a lot more emphasis on the eco-friendly side of things. We offer a wide range of coffins made from materials such as cardboard, bamboo, pine, willow and other natural materials. 

Finally, if you are interested in a woodland burial or an eco-friendly one then please give our Funeral Directors John Delanoy or Julie Stout a call for more information and to make any necessary arrangements. 


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