What is a bespoke funeral?

So what is a bespoke funeral? Each person is different and we believe in offering a wide range of funerals to suit to give families a choice. With our bespoke funerals it is individual and personal to the person who’s life it reflects. Often we can incorporate details into the arrangements which signify the aspects of life which brought them a lot of pleasure. 

We offer a range of unique and different services with our own in-house marketing team, all taylored with your loved one in mind.

Alternative Vehicles

Whether that is using alternative vehicles, such as a horse-drawn horse in white or black, a motorcycle hearse, camper van hearse or even a Morris minor hearse there are a great deal of possibilities. 

In addition, the coffin itself can also reflect the deceased life. Whether that has pictures on of their family, the music they loved, a photo of a place special in their hearts, their pets the choice is endless. 

Wide range of choice with a bespoke funeral

The range of coffins available now a days is vast and picture ones can be bespoke to the individual. Please see our coffins page to see some of the types available. 

With a bespoke funeral the people attending can also play apart, whether that is family or friends doing special readings or even the guests all coming dressed in a particular colour or even in the deceased favourite football team colours. 

We offer a huge range of services from bespoke tributes to beautiful videos and recordings of the service. Everything is personally created by our own team in house, please make an appointment to see the wide range of different services we offer to give your loved one the best possible final farewell.

Almost anything is possible

In recent years we have seen families who want to let off doves in remembrance of their loved ones too. With our own in-house marketing team, we can help create something a little special for your loved ones. Almost anything is possible just let us know during the consultation and we will do our best to carry out your wishes. 


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