A simple funeral service

A simple funeral a dignified send-off which does not have to be expensive. 

Many people think funerals are expensive at R Delanoy & Son, we believe they don’t have to be. That’s why we offer a variety of different options to suit the family and their own individual needs. 

In recent years we have seen the costs in general of funerals rise in the North East.  We have had some families choose a direct cremation to still give their loved ones a simple and dignified send-off with a lower cost than a traditional funeral.

Dignified at a lower cost

A simple funeral which is still dignified yet a lower cost. Whilst a more traditional funeral generally includes a chapel of rest, hearse, limousines and pallbearers at direct cremation would involve a funeral vehicle transporting them in a basic coffin direct to a local crematorium. In this case there would not be a ceremony only our staff would be present. The ashes can then be scattered either at the crematorium or collected by the family. 

Some people prefer not to have a funeral ceremony where others feel they want to do so. Thats why we offer a variety of options so that we can tailor-make everything to your own families individual needs.

Taking care of you

No matter which funeral option you choose, you can rest assured that we will take the best care possible of the deceased and do our utmost to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We will talk you through the different options to ensure you choose the right one to suit your own requirements. Whether that’s a simple funeral or a bespoke funeral, you can rest assured of the same care and attention with R Delanoy & Son. 


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