Direct Burials Peterlee

When you choose a direct burial we take care of everything for you. In-turn allowing you to remember your loved on in your own special way. 

What are direct burial?

A direct burial is basically a burial without the service. The deceased is brought into our care and we arrange for the burial to take place at a burial ground of your choosing. 

No mourners are present, instead you can choose to remember them at a later date in your own way. Perhaps arrange a memorial service at a later date for you to have some time to reflect. 

Direct burials can also be arrange with our Cortege. We can arrange for the hearse to pass your home or a special place of your choosing allowing friends and family to say their final goodbyes. 

How is a direct burial different to a traditional burial?

Traditional burials include a service which is carried out at a place of worship or at the graveside. The direct burial is unattended with no service. 

In circumstances, where family live far away and could not attend, or the deceased did not want a traditional funeral, friends and family would prefer together at a memorial service than a funeral service this could be a good alternative. 

We can still do our best to make this as special as possible for you under the circumstances. In recent cases, where family could not attend we have filmed the ceremony and arranged for it to be sent to them. In addition, we can arrange funeral notices on social media where you can leave condolence messages and raise money for a charity of your choice. Please ask us for more information regarding this. 

What's included

Bringing the person into our care,

Preparation of the deceased

Funeral directors choice of coffin standard

Jaguar Hearse to the cemetery or burial ground (extra costs may apply depending on Cemeterys)

Pallbearers for the burial

Optional funeral notice on our social media page for people to leave condolence messages and collect charity donations. 

Whats not included?

A headstone

Visiting the deceased in our funeral home

Choosing the date and time of the burial 

Attending the burial 

Burial plot and fees can vary for different locations, therefore please call us for more information and costs. Each type of funeral we carry out can be tailor-made to your own individual requirements. 


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