What is a Humanist Funeral?

A humanist funeral is a celebration of someone’s life who has passed away without the mention of religion or god. 

These are generally lead by a celebrant who takes the guests through the reading in a similar way to what a vicar would. 

Who takes the service of a humanist funeral?

This is carried out by a celebrant however, it is often a nice idea to have a family member or friend take centre stage. These people have a connection to the deceased and can speak of their personal memories 

With humanist funerals there are no hymns or prayers. They can however, include songs, words and other fitting tributes to reflect the life of the deceased. 

What do people wear at a humanist funeral?

Generally people wear semi-formal clothes in some occasions families ask people to come in bright colours or their favourite colour as a celebration of their life. 

What happens during the service?

The funeral service is unique to the person who has passed-away. Its a celebration of life to remember them. There are no set rules or script you should follow and each service can be made bespoke to the deceased.

Generally a humanist funeral ceremony consists of the following:

A favourite piece of music for the deceased as an introduction welcoming words.

Thoughts on life and death this is carried out in a non-religious way.

A tribute to the deceased, some speaks a family member or friend about their life and personality, perhaps a peace of poetry

A few minutes for guests to reflect their own private thoughts about the person who has died. This can be done in silence or with a chosen piece of music.

The committal of the body, this is when the curtains are closed. Closing words to end the ceremony, and a final piece of music to remember them by.


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