How much does a funeral cost?

Funeral costs will depend on the options you choose. Whether it is burial or cremation, where it is held, if there is a service, the type of coffins and number of funeral vehicles. Flowers, stationary and memorials are all additional costs. 

Not all funerals are the same that’s why we tailor-make each funeral to the request of the deceased and their family. After our consultation, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs.

We do have an estimate guide to our basic prices on our website.

How quick do you need to register a death?

All deaths in England and Wales must be registered within five days, (unless prior arrangements have been made with a registrar). 

Where do I register a death and what do I need?

Date and place of death 

Deceased full name 

Date and place of birth


Last address

If they were in receipt of State Pension or Benefits

Full name, date of birth and occupation of surviving spouse or civil partner

Deaths are registered at the registration office in the area where they died. Registering the death can involve some simple questions it normally takes around 30 minutes its best to make an appointment in advance. 

Can anyone register a death?

The following people can register a death.

A relative

Someone present at the death 

An occupant of the house where the death happened

Official from the hospital where the death happened

Person making the funeral arrangement with the undertaker

What is embalming?

Embalming helps to restore the natural and restful appearance of someone who has passed away. This can bring comfort to the loved ones when visiting them in the chapel of rest. 

Do you have to have a religious ceremony at a funeral?

No, whilst religious funerals are still popular, you can choose a service which focuses more on a celebration of life, which talks about their personality and achievements. Generally with this type of service a piece of music is chosen which is special to the person rather than traditional hymns which you would experience at a traditional funeral service. 

What is a humanist funeral?

This is a funeral which is not religious and instead celebrates someone’s life without mentioning god or religion. These are generally lead by a celebrant who guides the guests through the readings and chosen music very much the same as a vicar would do during a Christian service. 


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