A variety of low-cost funeral options

We offer a variety of low-cost funeral options taking care of all the practical things and giving you a chance to say goodbye to your loved on in a way that suits you. We have packages available from a direct cremation with no mourners present to a funeral with a full-length service all at very competitive prices.

All funeral packages include the cremation fees, doctors fees and provision of a simple coffin with transportation of the deceased included. 

The best possible send-off with our low-cost funerals

At Delanoy Funeral Services, we pride ourselves on giving your loved ones the best send-off possible with compassion and care. We understand that not everyone will have the budget for a bespoke funeral service with added extras. Therefore we have a number of packages and options we can go through during our consultation, which can all be tailormade to suit your own individual needs and requirements.

Our low-cost funerals in Peterlee and the surrounding villages enable people to set a budget for their funeral arrangements which they are comfortable with.

From direct cremations and burials to traditional funerals and bespoke. Below is a list of the types of funerals we carry out. Each of these options can be tailor-made to your own individual requirements.




Bespoke Funerals

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Traditional Funerals

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Direct Burials

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Direct Cremations

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